Monday, May 6, 2019

Patio Reveal

Welcome to my new favorite spot in our home, our eat-out patio!  Located directly off of the kitchen and facing the back alley, this space sat empty for the last year as we furnished our new home and focused on a few key updates to the interior.  But with warmer months approaching and the allure of enjoying dinner under the stars and entertaining guests hitting hard, we decided to focus the month of April on turning the patio into an outdoor oasis that would be inviting, comfortable and serene.

Generally, as evidenced through our entire home, I tend to gravitate to a more modern and mid century aesthetic with pops of bright color, rich walnuts, and clean lines brought to life with fun, funky details; however, I have always loved boho-inspired elements.  While I have never been able to successfully incorporate these kind of pieces into our home, the patio seemed like the perfect space to indulge my curiosity for jute rugs, peacock chairs and Edison bulbs.  A mix of soft neutrals and pale green/blue palm leaf prints, the patio instantly exudes a relaxing vibe.    

Due to our house sitting atop a very hilly area, the patio is actually located directly above our garage making it a completely enclosed space.  I adore the fact that it is private from our closely positioned neighbors, however as soon as we dove into this project, I knew I wanted to surround the perimeter with lush plants and greenery since a true landscape is not truly visible.  After pricing planters and succulents for the exterior walls, I decided to try something a little different.  Instead of purchasing live succulents, I found planters filled with faux greenery at Marshalls for a nominal cost.  Half the cost of purchasing empty planters I had found at most home good stores, I purchased a large set to create a wall scape.  Not only did this save a great deal of money, it ensured that we would not have to deal with caring for plants in the future (score).  To minimize issues with drainage, we drilled small holes in the bottom of each planter for easy water flow.  I have linked some of my planters and similar ones below for you:


This RUG!  These pillows.  I love accessories.  To me, it is all of those attributes of a room that truly make a space feel warm, homey and inviting.  This jute rug from Target's Opalhouse stole my heart from the minute I saw it.  Its laser cut details and bright hue that pops in contrast to our chocolate stained floor add character without being too overpowering.  The small pillows in straw and turquoise play off the rug perfectly while the palm print pillows accent the dining areas rug for balance.  While this palm print pillow is now sold out (online) at Target, I've linked some of my favorite outdoor pillows below.  I love that most of Target's outdoor pillows are already scotch guarded which will extend the look and life of the pillows much longer! 

Searching for the perfect sofa was a bit of a task.  I knew we wanted something ultra plush and comfortable but I also wanted to keep lower slung to keep line of sight inside the patio parameters when seated.  The view to the alley is not the most enticing and I had hopes of keeping the "outdoor oasis" alive by running seating along the outer edge of the patio.  Luckily, we found this sectional and coffee table set that checked all of our boxes from At Home (linked it for you). 

The last step in our patio makeover involved the addition of more lighting.  While this patio bodes a large expanse of exterior wall space (including electrical outlets), the original buildout did not include the addition of sconces other than one located right next to the door that leads into the house.  To brighten up the space, we strung cafe lights in a zig-zag pattern across the patio to create mood lighting.  I love the various options now readily available for this kind of lighting and we chose the Edison bulb version for a little added drama and the end result was pure magic.

Thank you so much for taking a little time to explore our patio reveal!  If you have any questions about the space or the pieces linked above, comment on my IG post or send me an email!  

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