Monday, March 18, 2019

Sunday Thoughts

March is the month of my birth.  For all purposes, it should be an exciting month, however, in the latter part of my late 20's during the month of March, my life spun on its axis.  The goals I had once set appeared all but obsolete and feelings of overwhelming fear and anxiety had replaced the once bright optimism I had for my future.  At 27 years old, I was filing for divorce, trying to establish myself on my own, and praying daily for clarity and peace of mind in my decisions, both present, and future.  As someone who often measures success by achievements and performance, this "failure" felt crushing and admittedly, at times, insurmountable.  

I have learned in the years since then that life never gives us anything we cannot handle and we are all truly stronger than we believe.  And, while we cannot see the future or understand it at the time, life does propel us forward from an obstacle or life-altering event into something much more beautiful.  Trust me on this one. As a result, March always tends to be a time that I welcome with a sense of gratitude for growth, but also inevitably feel a slight sense of unease at the reflection of how quickly life can change and how precious the present truly is.     

This evening while curled up on the couch, we watched Last Week Tonight where John Oliver discussed the effects of public shaming with special guest Monica Lewinsky (linked the clip here - trust me, it's worth watching).  While admittedly the events and details of the Lewinsky case predate me just a bit, I sat there in awe of her persistence and dedication to rise above a moment in time that defined her life as she discussed the lasting effects that event had on her and how she made strides to rise above it.  I have heard it so many times, "that the past does not dictate the present" but as she spoke to her ability to move forward and push on, even in the midst of such a globally publicized "failure," I was mesmerized.  It was nothing short of inspiring and a reminder that each one of us holds the power to start each day fresh and to move forward unapologetically to live our truth.

In the last few months, I've been approached by some near to me going through similar obstacles in life and after watching that interview tonight, it reminded me of how everyone must face and combat challenges in life.  And, most importantly, how we are never alone in endeavors like these. As a young athlete, I became addicted to reading quotes/sources of inspiration.  The habit stuck.  I am constantly saving, pinning, screenshotting, etc, quotes that pertain to a current situation I'm dealing with in life.   Each March I scroll down my quote album to this month, four years ago and read.  I celebrate how far I've come and unavoidably realize how much healing I still have left to accomplish, but these snippets of inspiration and insight have always been a welcome reminder that all things move toward serenity if you let them.  

There is vast power in words and, when used in a positive way, they can have such a big impact on our outcomes and views in life.  Nothing explains this better than this enlightening article from the Huffington Post.  If you are struggling today, this month, this year or maybe you just want to keep these for a cloudier day, I wanted to share a few of my favorite quotes that helped me push on during the biggest obstacle I have encountered thus far in life.  I hope they empower you as they have me.

- S

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